Celeste Sloman photographs Megan Twohey, Carey Mulligan, Zoe Kazan, and Jodi Kantor featured in Vanity Fair

11.15.22 // Celeste Sloman


2.3.23 // Pamela Littky // READ MORE

Shrinking: Streaming January 27 on AppleTV+

Key Art Photographed by, and Teaser Trailer Directed by Pamela Littky. To view, click here.

2.1.23 // Carter Smith // READ MORE

Carter Smith photographs Paul Rudd for Men's Health

1.30.23 // Pamela Littky // READ MORE

Pamela Littky photographs the Jonas Brothers for their new album teaser on Republic Records

Mary Ellen Matthews photographs Michael B. Jordan for SNL

1.30.23 // Nino Muñoz // READ MORE

Nino Muñoz photographs the key art for The Barbarian and the Troll on Nickelodeon

1.30.23 // Justin Stephens // READ MORE

The Big Door Prize: Streaming March 31 on Appletv+

Key Art Photographed by Justin Stephens

Brian Bowen Smith photographs The Company you Keep on ABC

1.26.23 // Pamla Littky // READ MORE

Pamela Littky photographs the key art for Party Down on Starz

1.25.23 // Celeste Sloman // READ MORE

Celeste Sloman photographs Monica Bellucci for The New York Times

Mary Ellen Matthews photographs Aubrey Plaza for SNL